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Is your pet in his/her Golden Years? Have you started noticing things such as loss of hearing, loss of vision, trouble getting up/down stairs, not eating as well? These are ways that your pet shows that something is not normal with them and that they may be in pain or experiencing discomfort. Good news, we can help!

September through November are our "Senior Wellness Months" here at Miracle Hills Animal Hospital. Although we focus on senior care year round, during the fall months we promote our senior patients! We want to help you keep your pet happy, healthy and comfortable for as long as possible. Senior_Dog.jpg

So what does a Senior Wellness entail? A full Senior Wellness Evaluation includes: full physical exam, bloodwork, urinalysis, blood pressures, eye pressures, and full body radiographs. All of these tests give us great information on what is going on with your pet and help us recommend any treatments and/or therapies your pet may need.

Why is it important? We've all heard that pets age faster than humans. The physical and mental health of our pets change quickly since they age faster than we do. Your pet may currently be developing a disease that we are unaware of without doing bloodwork and a urinalysis because they seem to be acting normal and showing no signs of illness. We check kidneys, liver, bladder, thyroid, pancreas and much more with just a little blood and urine.

Radiographs (x-rays) give us a visual of your pets organs and skeletal structure. We look for things such as heart size, lung clarity, potential masses on organs and arthritis within the bones and joints.

Blood pressures are checked to alert us to whether or not high blood pressure is an issue that may be occurring. Yes, even pets can develop high blood pressure! Eye pressures allow us to check for disorders such as glaucoma.

The Senior Wellness Evaluation is a very thorough physical exam both inside and out. If your pet has a problem, we are sure to find it and help you and your pet manage it. Furthermore, all of our Senior Wellness Evaluations are finalized with a consult between you and Dr. Schreiber to discuss all findings and recommendations for your pet.

Call 402-492-9022 today to schedule your pet's senior appointment to help your pet live a longer, healthier life!

THIS ---->https://miraclehillsanimalhospitalcom.vetmatrixbase.com/pet-wellness/senior-wellness.html

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The dental care process for my dog CoCo was AMAZING! This was the first oral check up for CoCo and the staff was to great about explaining everything to me. They kept me 'in the loop' on all they were doing and how CoCo was handling the process. They truly care about my dog and I couldn't be more appreciative.

Dani C.
Omaha, NE

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